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    Only there is a lovely article "Gorgeous gardens to visit on the Isle of Wight" by Jean Vernon.


    As well as the classics like Osborne House & Ventnor Botanic gardens it also talks about NGS gardens open this year and I am delighted to be included  "White Cottage, Bembridge, is a secret garden awash with creativity, inspiration and magic"

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    So I have been a bit tardy in posting, but I have taken photo's at week 2 and week 3 and herewith publish my findings so far. I think the best way to illustrate, is to publish photo's and for now, I am going to just show the tray of Licorice Twist seedlings at week 2 & 3. 


    So what the photo's illustrate clearly is the good growth in 3 weeks from sowing. In fact this tray has already been moved from the comfort of a heated propogator and are already hardening off in an unheated greenhouse (yes, I cut that cord early).

    Findings - you can see the 3 white labels at the back of the black trays and they read from left to right - 24 hour soak water, 24 hour soak diluted 6% H202 & 10 min soak undiluted 6% H202. 

    Results - 23 - 17 - 15. remember this is out of approx' 25 seeds sown for each.

    Another photo of the tray and here you can see the 23 (24 hour soak water) seedlings are overall far more advanced. 











    However, seeds continue to grow and whilst I said at the very beginning in my experience you get a good idea of yield by week 3, the reality is that many seeds are still germinating so eventually I may see similar numbers from all germination methods.

    As we come up to the end of week 4, the other 3 trays of Vectis Jean Peirce seedlings which are generally less advanced show the following results -

    24 hour soak water - 30, 24 hour soak diluted 6% H202 - 36, 10 min soak undiluted 6% H202 - 45. So overall the germination rate is much less successful with little between them but the 10 minute H202 being most successful so far.

    At this point I can not say that H202 does or does not aid seed germination. I will continue to monitor and publish when I believe all seeds have germinated. 

    Please note, it was a 6% H202 solution & not 3% as advised before. 

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    Okay, so I said I would update and yesterday was 1 week from sowing of the seeds. Now I wasn't expecting to see a lot after 1 week and that's exactly what I have got. I expect to see far more at week 2 and 3. Anyway, here are photo's and observations so far. 









    Exciting huh? These are the 3 trays of Vectis Jean Peirce & the tray of Licorice Twist is the same.

    However, at this stage, the results (visible seeds) for Licorice Twist - 24 hour soak water = 3, 24 hour soak H202 = 0, 10 minute soak 3% = 1.

    The results for Vectis Jean Peirce - 24 hour soak water = 3, 24 hour soak H202 = 2, 10 minute 3% = 7. Photo is a close up of the 10 minute soak tray.     


     So results so far totally inconclusive and a bit dull - sorry about that. 

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    Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) aids germination of seeds?
    So it turns out that  this is used a lot in the horticultural industry in a diluted form to increase seed germination and root development. It’s nature oxidizes and cleans and is used in such a wide range of industries including wastewater, paper production and your local hairdresser when combined with ammonium hydroxide to bleach hair.
    It’s uses are numerous and easily obtained in usually a 3% or 6% diluted form from the high street chemist. It is this diluted form that is used when diluted even further to aid seed germination. There is much debate as to whether this has any real benefit at all and the ‘science’ required to increase seed germination, break seed dormancy and increase seedling size.
    I have up until now never used it, and simply soak previous years daylily seed (for 24 hours in water) which had been stored dry in envelopes in the fridge, before sowing. In my experience this can yield from 0% to 100% with most seeds having germinated by 3 weeks. True stratification includes the addition of moist conditions to the cold and thus mixing seed in damp vermiculite (in the fridge (for 3 to 4 weeks)) is another common, successful germination technique. However, some users of  H202 state that stratification is rendered unnecessary.
    So! I have searched the internet for some standard or recognised best practice on the use of  H202 for seed germination and by far the commonest method is mixing a small amount of the 3% solution in a glass of water to dilute it further & soaking overnight - I have found a chart that says 1&½ teaspoons of 3% to a cup of water. There is an alternate method of soaking seed in the 3% solution for 10 minutes and then rinsing. 
    I have tried all three methods
    1- overnight soak in water
    2- overnight soak in diluted H202 (noticeable bubbles in the glass)
    3- 10 minute soak in 3% solution and then rinsed well (seeds ‘snapped, crackled & popped‘ like a well known breakfast cereal during their 10 minutes).  
    The seeds used are all from the same envelope (same parent) and equal amounts for the 3 options, then sown in the same compost and all placed on the same propagator. Thus, the conditions are as identical as I can make it with just the treatment differing. 
    The first photo is of 3 ramekins of seeds from 'Vectis Jean Peirce' (approx 100 in each) and these were sown in separate trays on the same propagator. The next photo is of a tray of 'Licorice Twist'. All 3 separately treated seeds (approx 25 each) were sown in the same tray. All 4 trays were placed on the propagators on 09/03/13. I will record the results every week.
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    A day @ Woottens 28 December 2012 | Comments (1)

    I have added Woottens of Wenhaston to the links because I spent a lovely couple of days there over Christmas (rain never stops someone hunting for a plant) when I was visiting Dad in Suffolk. One of their specialities is pelargoniums although they also specialise in daylilies too (which they field grow). If you are ever in Suffolk then pay them a visit because they are a proper nursery with some great plants that are hard to find. I was there for species pelargoniums and the plants were exceedingly clean and healthy. Thank you Lizzie

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    Brand new 19 November 2012 | Comments (1)

    Okay, so I finally registered a proper site instead of my very informal google pages - https://sites.google.com/a/nicholaspeirce.com/white-cottage-daylilies/ which have up until now served me well.

    There is very little on here at the moment but will be adding all the plants I hold and will share. Gardening has been a hobby up until now and will continue to be so with my expenses far exceeding any revenue but I hope that will change in the future. First and foremost, I do this for myself and want this to be about gaining information on growing unusual/rare and the awkward along side my efforts to breed the unusual form daylily. 

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