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  • I have added Woottens of Wenhaston to the links because I spent a lovely couple of days there over Christmas (rain never stops someone hunting for a plant) when I was visiting Dad in Suffolk. One of their specialities is pelargoniums although they also specialise in daylilies too (which they field grow). If you are ever in Suffolk then pay them a visit because they are a proper nursery with some great plants that are hard to find. I was there for species pelargoniums and the plants were exceedingly clean and healthy. Thank you Lizzie

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    Ustinya Created on 14/04/2013 16:25

    Everything looks great! This year I am growing Black Krim toetmoas for the first time and I am also trying to grow Chia. I love Larkspur! Mine just started to bloom the other day. I had a lot´╗┐ that re-seeded from last year. I can't wait to see your garden all planted out
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