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  • So I have been a bit tardy in posting, but I have taken photo's at week 2 and week 3 and herewith publish my findings so far. I think the best way to illustrate, is to publish photo's and for now, I am going to just show the tray of Licorice Twist seedlings at week 2 & 3. 


    So what the photo's illustrate clearly is the good growth in 3 weeks from sowing. In fact this tray has already been moved from the comfort of a heated propogator and are already hardening off in an unheated greenhouse (yes, I cut that cord early).

    Findings - you can see the 3 white labels at the back of the black trays and they read from left to right - 24 hour soak water, 24 hour soak diluted 6% H202 & 10 min soak undiluted 6% H202. 

    Results - 23 - 17 - 15. remember this is out of approx' 25 seeds sown for each.

    Another photo of the tray and here you can see the 23 (24 hour soak water) seedlings are overall far more advanced. 











    However, seeds continue to grow and whilst I said at the very beginning in my experience you get a good idea of yield by week 3, the reality is that many seeds are still germinating so eventually I may see similar numbers from all germination methods.

    As we come up to the end of week 4, the other 3 trays of Vectis Jean Peirce seedlings which are generally less advanced show the following results -

    24 hour soak water - 30, 24 hour soak diluted 6% H202 - 36, 10 min soak undiluted 6% H202 - 45. So overall the germination rate is much less successful with little between them but the 10 minute H202 being most successful so far.

    At this point I can not say that H202 does or does not aid seed germination. I will continue to monitor and publish when I believe all seeds have germinated. 

    Please note, it was a 6% H202 solution & not 3% as advised before. 

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